Spinrite is rich in history, family values, and a long strong hold in the community.

We are proud to say we have second and third generation employees that work for us today

Sketch of an old mill

1914 The Beginning of an Era

Max Becker, an immigrant from Germany, formed the Perfect Knitting Mills in Listowel, Ontario, where the original building still stands today more than 100 years later. The location was a perfect choice due to the abundant supply of fresh water and railway connections.

In 1927, the business was sold to Mercury Mills Ltd., and the name changed to Maitland Spinning Mills.

In 1925, at an early age, Mr. David D. Hay began working at the mill in the Dyehouse. After a few years, Mr. Hay became Head Dye Master. In the late 1940’s Mr. Hay moved his family to Toronto, where he became the Canadian Manager of Geigy Co. Inc., dyestuff manufacturers.

1952 Spinrite Yarns

On September 5, 1952 it was announced that the Maitland Spinning Mills would close due to unprofitable operations. The land, buildings and equipment were put up for sale. Mr. Hay was keenly interested in continuing the operation of the mill and did not want it as a loss to the town.

He approached a number of friends and associates to form a new Company known as Spinrite Yarns and Dyers Limited. Over the years, Spinrite continued as a family business. They focused on two major areas, Industrial and Consumer products. With changes in the economy, the company moved focus away from industrial products to consumer products and acquired many of the brand names we continue to produce today.

2016 Modern Day Spinrite

Spinrite LP continues to be the largest consumer craft yarn company in North America. The head office is still located in Listowel, Ontario, while our design, digital and Marketing team are now located in Liberty Village, Toronto. We are now currently building the Caron Brand and business in Washington, North Carolina.

Although the Hay family sold the company, we continue today to operate on the same value system that has succeeded all these years.

Today, the manufacturing facility rates among the best equipped and most versatile in the world. Our ongoing commitment to innovation has enabled us to utilize the latest and best technology. This innovation, coupled with a robust sourcing program, gives us the diversification to support all of our customers’ needs. We are proud of our Canadian owned Company and of the people who work with us. We have succeeded because of our people, our processes and our openness to new ideas.

Each of you always stop what you are doing to help me with my question(s) quickly. Not to mention, each of you are very kind and provide such wonderful service with each and every order. This is very much appreciated by myself, my buyers, all of our customers, and our company.

Connie, Annie's